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Want a Fitness Plan that Helps You Look Better, Feel Better and Eat Better? Plant a Garden.

Posted Mar 16 2012 1:20pm

Planting a garden is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for the planet. Think about it, you get to reduce your carbon footprint, choose to eat organic, reduce the levels of pesticides and processed foods you eat, save money on groceries and get a great workout. What more could you ask for?

Creating the Plan for Your Garden

First, you’ll need to decide what foods you will plant and grow in your garden. My suggestion is to create variety; plant vegetables that you like and some that you want to try. Also include herbs and spices; they’ll give your garden a wonderful and fragrant scent. If you team up with some neighbors, each of you can plant different things, then exchange and swap out at harvest time.

Commit to “Workin” it

Plan to work or tend your garden for 30 minutes every day. You’ll reap the benefits by having a bountiful harvest and build some strong muscles in the process. All that weeding, hoeing, picking and watering will strengthen your core, back, arms and shoulder muscles. Not to mention burning some serious calories. For 30 minutes of work, you could burn around 115 calories. You can burn more by either working your garden longer or more strenuously.

Spice Up Your Lunch

One of the best benefits of creating your garden is that you get to eat your results. Use this time to experiment with new recipes. Because you will be taking your lunch regularly, you’ll not only save money, but I bet you’ll lose some excess fat in the process.

Water, Weed and Pick

Make sure you give your garden plenty of water when needed. Conserve water by using a rain barrel to capture rain water and set up a drip irrigation system. Instead of using tonics to get rid of the weeds, pick them yourself. Be careful of your back and all that bending, but you will notice a stronger, flatter core before long. Pick edibles often. Be conscious of when your garden stares to bear fruit. You can prolong your growing season by keeping veggies from getting too large before you pick them.

Can Them for Later

Now that you’ve got all that great food, don’t waste it, can it! With the economy as it is, canning is coming back in style. You can purchase a kit or go on the Internet to search for all the info you need.

Good luck with your new garden and your new body!

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