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Walk with me (NAKANO splash it on/step it up challenge).

Posted Jun 25 2012 5:00am

I love me some power-walking.

Ahhh People.  Ive yammered at length about how Im just not a runner.

Ive done it.   Im not good at it.  I get more of  a runners GOOD BYE than a runners HIGH.

Im a lover not a fighter. Im a walker not a runner. 

It fits my self-definition:  soft of core , (at times) owied of back & living life in the slow lane.

As a result Im all over the 60-Day SPLASH IT ON, STEP IT UP challenge thrown down by NAKANO .

  • I love it focuses on walking ( more info. here ) which is something we can ALL DO no matter where we are in our healthy living journey.
  • I love it focuses on increasing activity & eating more veggies (seriously. who CANT get behind that?!).
  • I love it starts today and goes through the end of the summer.  (most of us move more in the summer.  we, texans, can sometimes need an extra PUSH to get outside in the heat.)

Whats that? 

You’re not sure you’re interested?

You need a misfit to kick you in the arse to get you moving more motivation to jump in, git your walk on, & potentially win fantastic prizes ?

Please to enjoy:

  • Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Walking can improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Walking & talking is a great time killer when you have a long hot summer with an energy FILLED six year old ahead (ok this one may only be me.)
  • Walking can improve your entire blood lipid profile.
  • Walking can reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer.
  • Walking, even briefly, can weaken chocolate cravings.**
  • Walking can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Walking, if you’re able to amble alone, can be almost meditative.
  • Walking, in its throw-door-open-and-go simplicity, has the lowest dropout rates of any physical activity.

In addition, according to Dr. Oz , if you cant walk 1/4 of a mile in 5 minutes the chance you’ll be dead in 3 years is 3 times higher than if you could.

(Ill let that sink it.  It kina freaked me out, too.)

You in for the NAKANO Challenge ?

Ready to climb back on the fitness wagon via stepping out your front door?

Here are a few final tips to get you started:

  • Wear good walking shoes/comfy clothing:  This seems like a no brainer, yet it bears repeating.  Shoes which are fantastic for yoga or weight training often ARENT good choices for walking (hello, personal experience!).  Wear clothes which are breathable, comfortable & protect you from the elements.
  • Start slowly:  Another which should be obvious—yet bears repeating.  Slowly refers to both pace & length of time. We wanna do this for the long haul.  Our goal is NOT to get so sore the first few days out we need a hiatus after a week.  Set yourself up for success by starting slow.
  • Stretch: To stretch or not to stretch ? This is a hotly debated topic.  I always choose a light gentle pre-walk stretching routine. Warm up FIRST so your muscles are warm & pliable. This warm up can be as easy as walking up & down stairs at home or you can amble outside for a bit and then stop & take the time to stretch.   (Here are some basic walking stretches to get you started.)
  • Cool down after each walking session:  To reduce stress on your heart & muscles end each walking session with a cool down. Walk slowly for about five minutes at the end of your walking workout.  After the cool down, if you have time, it’s fantastic to repeat your stretches.

seriously thats it.

the post is over.


Im off.

Im walking.





**MizFit note: Researchers in the UK found a short walk weakened chocolate cravings.  Cravings dropped by 12 percent (over participants who remained idle) after a 15 minute walk.


This post is sponsored by the fabulous, GLUTEN FREE, NAKANO rice vinegars .  The overzealous endorsement of WALKING is all my own.

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