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Wacky Workout Wednesday: Lady Gaga Flashmob Edition! (Plus I’m one of Minnesota’s To 5 Fitness Blogs – vote fo

Posted Aug 23 2011 10:52pm

Our costumes for the Lady Gaga Flashmob taping. We both made our own hats. (To see the video, keep reading!)

When people say they don’t like to workout, I usually answer, “That’s because you’ve never worked out with us!” Sometimes we have so much fun I forget I’m even working out until I feel the sweat dripping disgustingly off my ponytail. Tutus, face paint and costumes are business-as-usual for the Gym Buddies and I but this past week found us with not one but three awesome events to glam up for. You know Gym Buddy Allison and I were in drag queen heaven. (Full Disclosure: not every workout is entertainment central but the blah workouts are so much less fun to blog about.)

Last Saturday was Retro Turbo day. Pick your favorite era, find some sweet used exercise clothes and then sweat for an hour whilst laughing hysterically, taking pictures and picking leotard wedgies. Seriously I have no idea how those 80′s women did it!

Do you see my big hair? Do you?? I was a wee lass in the 80′s and quite honestly barely remember them except for one thing: this was when I first learned to style my hair. It went like this: Curl half up, curl half down, rat into a big pouf and then wing out the sides. My curl is 100% natural (a fact we learned after my mom had been perming my hair for 10 years). I was amazed at how quickly the 80′s bouf style came back to me. The only thing I was missing was a can of Aqua Net. This Pantene “flexible hold” crap wilted about 10 minutes into my White Snake video, er, TurboKick class.

This was the leo of butt-molesting repute. The pictures really don’t do it justice. It was neon pink with shiny black sequins all over the middle. Gym Buddy Jeni went “Tina Marie” style. I’ll admit it – I didn’t know who she was and had to go home and google it. And even then it made no sense to me. But I totally dug her matching 3-piece rose lycra outfit! Also, the lace glove I’m wearing is courtesy of her. Jeni, that is. Not Tina Marie, whoever she is. (A singer? An actress? A porn star?!)

This was hands-down my fave costume of the day. The ’80′s and ’70′s were well represented but Turbo Teddy here was the only one doing turn-of-the century. This guy always has the most creative costumes!

Gym Buddies Michelle and Allison work the hammer pants and side ponies!

You can’t get all dressed up and not do a photo shoot, right?

Crotch curtains. Oh dear.

…and then everyone fell on top of me.

Remember how I told you I was prepping for my first ever flashmob ?! Well it was for our friend Serena’s wedding. She decided she wanted a flashmob at the reception and Turbo Jennie helped her choreograph a sweet Lady Gaga mash-up. The plan was to all meet up after Serena’s wedding and then wait for our cue to storm the dance floor…. which is what kinda happened.

That’s the bride and groom right in the middle! I wish I had a better pic of Serena, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more gorgeous bride!


Allison and I awaiting our flashmob cue in our wedding attire. She went with a LBD. As for me – red cheetah print is always classy right? Notice the sweat sheen – it was eleventy billion degrees in that loft. I looked like a drowned rat afterwards.

 Gym Hubby (who is also my real-life hubby, there has been confusion) was my date and we even squeezed in a swing dance or two! And then the flashmob happened! I’d show you the video except it’s pitch black. Yeah, there weren’t any lights on so it’s pretty much just a bunch of people screaming with the occasional flash bulb. (Which was probably for the best as we were packed in like sardines – I kicked a guy’s drink over at one point and it splashed all down my dress.)

But never fear, the YMCA is here! Turbo Jennie had us tape the dance in the well-lit safety of our studio. Our only instruction was to wear all black and a hat. Gym Buddies Lindsey, Becky, Turbo Jennie and Jeni show how it’s done.

This was Gym Buddy Leah’s interpretation. She’s a gangsta and I’m a waitress…(in the bad part of town?)

And Gym Buddy Allison’s and mine!

I’m so proud of my homemade fascinator! I’m totally going to wear it again with one of my vintage dresses. And if you’re interested, here’s the video of our flashmob dance. Just imagine us doing all this at a wedding! (My favorite part: Turbo Jennie was super sweet and gave me a cameo doing a leg extension but I started to tip backwards and Michelle had to push me back upright. My second fave part: watching Allison try and clap with those talons!)

Have you ever done a flashmob? Is it on your bucket list too? Have you done a wacky workout lately? (Housekeeping question: Do you like it when I do posts with lots of pics or does it get annoying to scroll through all of them?)

And if you’re feeling click-happy today, I just found out the Great Fitness Experiment is on the short list for Minnesota’s Most Valuable Blog award. You can vote for me (every day!) if you feel so inclined. Thanks!

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