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Virtual health care may help baby boomers through old age

Posted by Nancy B.

Virtual health care givers are likely in the future for baby boomers who may not have enough health care professionals to meet their needs. Timothy Bickmore, a computer scientist at Northeastern University, is among leading scientists trying to build technology to help people stick to health regimens such as taking their medicine on time or stick to their exercise routine. Keeping people on their medicine and active could reduce illness and cut health care costs, according to an article in the Boston Globe.
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Yes, the internet is going to be the greatest source for care.  We (include myself, a boomer) want more control over our care, but there are going to be less options available.  The virtual world can be a great resource for us.  Count my own site in with the rest.  We see it coming and as a health professional it is a perfect way to reach out to millions of others...mutually beneficial.

I love the fact that I can go online and check my medical records, or email my Dr.  It definitely adds a dimension to my care.

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