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Viewer Mail. Buffet style.

Posted Oct 07 2008 8:11pm

This week is a mishmash of sorts.

your questions.

my questions.

the whole shebang.

First, you.

MizFit, do you have a workout partner? if not why not?

I dont. And I have to admit that I have more than a fleeting jealousy of this blogger and her FUN workout friends. Much more than fleeting.

Back in the day (if by the day you mean pre-Toddler —-which I do) Ren Man and I lifted together.

We started early on when we were dating and lifted together on a regular basis for 12+ years.

I imagine were you to ask him he’d say Im a great partner (happy to be the motivator as far as getting to the gym and **happy** to be the cheertasker as far as encouraging him to lift more weight/reps) and a terrible partner (Im not good with the encouragement. If he said: come on!! three more!! and I knew I was finished at two more Id roll my eyes and throw set down the weights. ).

Right now I lift solo. Our lifting together doesnt work (he’s at the gym when the daycare isnt open) and our weekends tend to be more filled with active *play* than anything else.

I guess I could see finding a different partner (maybe? Charlotte? wanna move to Texas?) but Id definitely be the unreliable partner (due to the Toddler Tornado’s schedule) and that’s not who I am.

That’s why right now I more rely on my accountability partners. People who dont workout with me but hold me accountable to my goals regardless (hello, skirt chaser 5k).

In my opinion it’s important to set up expectations with these partners so that, should it be a more formal ‘agreement’, both parties feel taken care of/looked out for but not nagged.

What do I mean by that? I decided with my partners how often I wanna be nagged (check in with me once a week and ask if Ive worked on XYZ, please) and in what fashion (email, phone, in person, text).

I learned the hard way that, when we didnt clarify the specifics up front (no matter how uber formal it sounds) one of us ended up feeling either naggedprodded or ignored.

Which all leads me to the MizFit Motivational Matches. Pairing of Bumbling Band members to act as cheertaskers for each other.

To make each other laugh, stay on track, ponder & help formulate personal/fitness mission statements, to make each other laugh, propel each other forward, HANG WITH EACH OTHER when just maintaining is feeling Sisyphusian, and to listen when life simply seems to sucketh.

In a healthy manner.

Longer post to come with regards to that final sentence, but please email me if you’d be interesting in participating. If enough people are interested Ill do a post and match!

HELP ME, MIZ. What do you eat when you have your period and crave sweets. Lots of sweets. I cant do treat days through my whole cycle. HELP!

Ahhh, that’s me (and many of us) to the proverbial T. I used to think it was all in my head but, the older I get, the more I realize it isnt. My body truly craves sugar during that time of the month.

My go-tos?

I’ll make ‘haystack cookies’ with fiber1 cereal, *some* chocolate chips, and unsalted peanuts. There’s no recipe here, People, as it’s usually done in a semi-panic eating as I go (I caint lie to you). EDITED TO SAY PLEASE TO SEE COMMENT#17.

I also LOVE (brace your collective selves) making air popped popcorn, spritzing it with water, & tossing it with chocolate protein powder.

It tastes FAR better than it sounds and works, for me, as a way not to eat the oreo cookies which are typically in the cupboard chanting MizFit! MizFit! MizFit!

I also eat a lot of this. Perhaps not the most clean food ever but the most sweettoothsatiating food ever for me.

Now what does science tell us (because I know you come here for the scientific stuff)?

We should seek out the omega 3 fatty acid rich foods when the cravings strike.

Our seratonin levels drop prior to getting our period and that’s, technically, what triggers our cravings for sweets.

The best snacks then, emailer, would cold water fatty fish (salmon, sardines), flax seeds, walnuts, chia—things of that nature.

**crickets chirping**

Yeah, me either. When the yen for ben (& jerrys) comes I dont think a slab of salmon would suffice. I mightcould be in for sprinkling chia on my ice cream ( marianne? you in?) but that’s as far as this MizFit would be willing to go.


A question for you.

Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple has generously offered to do a guest post for us.

I am really excited about this as Mark’s gifts (distilling the scientific stuff down to a palatable and *fun* level) are most certainly not mine.

In order to know what youd like to hear or learn more about he’s asked me to ask *you* to let him know (below. in the comments.).

Whatcha curious about MizFits? Cortisol & its *true* impact on weight loss is one which sprung to my MizFit mind.

What have you been wondering and found MizFit remiss in tackling? Please to ponder & hit us up in the comments. About that. About the MizFit Match-ups. And yes (im gonna say it) about yer period snacking.

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