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Posted Feb 26 2010 3:22pm

I am insanely tired today, so sorry if this makes no sense!

First thank you Betty for this award 

and Jenny for for this blogger award!!

Thank you ladies!! :)

Today has been a rest day and such a good one. I woke up this morning and went to yoga. Good session, it really cleared my head(well..kinda..) and then I headed to the grocery store for a few things.(I was the only person shopping at 7am lol)

After I ate, I laid in bed to take a nap and had some whack-ass dreams. I could not for the life of me, pry myself out of bed. I tried 4 different times but I just wanted to sleep foreverrrrrrrr! Finally at 10am, I had to get up and shower and eat before heading to work at my newest job(supplement store.) I was still exhausted the whole time I was there, but luckily I know about the supplements so he just showed me around the store. It is a really cool, laid back place. I dig.

What cracks me up is the things that people say when they come in to buy supplements. These are just a few things I heard today(the 3 hours I was there…)

- “Hey, what kind of pill do you have that will get me in like, really good shape?”

-”I wanna get cut, do you have anything for that?”

Food for thought: A pill isn’t going to do the work for you ;-)

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