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Video Recipes: This Secret Ingredient is For Those Who Are Big on Taste & Short on Time

Posted Jul 02 2008 1:05am

Bird whispering How good are you at keeping a secret? Do you find you can hold the secret for a short while but then….it somehow inadvertently slips out? Keeping a secret can be a bit of fun or it can also be a source of great stress depending on the how others could be impacted if the secret got out of the bag. Knowing a secret can make us feel more “in the know”, but some secrets also carry a burden of responsibility when we are called to keep it well uhh….secret.

Secrets are a part of life. They exist within many families and friendships, marriages, the government, organizations, the workplace, and in the kitchen.

If you cook with any degree of regularity, you probably have a few favorite or as some call them “signature” dishes. What turns an ordinary dish to something on a higher level is typically a secret ingredient (or maybe even two). Every cook (amateur or otherwise), comes to discover that one of the keys to great tasting food is to have a secret ingredient that they can sprinkle (pour, drizzle, etc.) on to make certain the dish stands far apart from others.

People enthusiastically announce, “this dish is delicious”. “What did you put in it? “ They are asking for your secret. Then the internal wrestling begins….should I tell them the secret to the great tasting dish or not? On the other hand, maybe you decide to fall somewhere in the middle with your reply. You share some of the ingredients but hold back on sharing the secret ingredient that took the dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Secrets. Some things are to be shared and some things should remain as secrets.Whole Food Market logo

I recently ran across a show titled Secret Ingredient, a cooking show for people who are big on taste & short on time. The fine folks over at Whole Foods Market are the creators of the show. In these enjoyable and short video clips, you will learn secrets to taking your dishes to a deliciously new level. Here are just a few of my favorite video recipes:

Grilled Cornish Game Hens with Gremolata

Copper River Salmon with Basil Lemon Butter

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Skewers with BBQ Glaze

Australian Pepper Steaks

Banana Bread Two Ways: Light-n-Luscious Banana Bread and Banana Bread Pancakes with Cinnamon

Wild King Salmon with Dried Cherries and Smoked Almond Beurre Noisette

Just wanted to thank the folks at Whole Foods Market for sharing Secret Ingredient. (To be honest, I do not think they will mind if all of us pass this secret around.)


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