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Various Modes Of Hatha Yoga Poses

Posted Sep 23 2012 5:33am

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Body stamina is dully enhanced by hatha yoga poses. These are various body orientations of the Indian origin popularly called asanas. The postures are done amid deep breaths. The deep breathing helps in opening up and strengthening the various body structures.

First there is the downward facing dog pose. It is known as Adho mukha svanasans in Hindu. It is accomplished when one is on fours as a dog. Its objective is to straighten and lengthen the spine under a deep breath and a simple procedure.

The standing bow pose follow suit. The pose moves the body from one side to the other repeatedly. This posture aid in balance development, increase in elasticity and strength of the lower back spine.

Next is the standing deep breathing pranayama. It prevents respiratory problems such as bronchitis, emphysema and shortness in breathing. It is standing straight, holding the head firmly with both hands and taking a deep breath repeatedly for some time.

Half moon pose follows suit. One sits down, stretches both legs straight and curls the head towards the knee while the hands touch the toes to assume a replica of the shape of the moon. The hands to feet pose stretch the spine, muscles and tendons of the leg.

The eagle pose opens the close to fourteen skeletal systems of the body. The Pose improves flexibilities of the hips, knees, spine, tendon of the legs and many other skeletal systems. The posture helps in efficient blood circulation in the sexual organs which in turn increase sexual vitality.

Tuladandasana or the balancing stick is another powerful pose. It requires one to stand on a single leg while stretching both the hands and the other legs in opposite directions. Efficient blood circulation is enhanced all through the body thanks to this pose.

In conclusion there is the locust pose for spinal cord straightening. It is performed while lying on the ground and raising both legs off the ground at forty degrees. This is one of the popular hatha yoga poses.

Hatha Yoga Poses are performed for a number of different purposes. Asanas or Hatha Yoga poses tips can be located easily on the World Wide Web.

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