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Various Asthma Breathing Treatments

Posted Sep 05 2010 10:28pm

Asthma, being a chronic condition, has several symptoms which are due to the inflammation of the lungs and the narrowing of the airways. Shortness of breath, coughing, and at often times, wheezing are some of the symptoms of Asthma. Cigarette smoke, pollution, vehicle emissions, and airborne allergens are some of the causes that trigger an Asthma attack.

The main problem when an asthma attack occurs is difficulty in breathing. Breathing becomes constricted because of the swelling of the airways. A cure for asthma has never been discovered yet, leaving treatment the only option. Even though treatment is the only way to go, there are still several ways of treating asthma. Pharmaceuticals, inhalers and nebulizers are only some of the well-known treatments for this condition. Inhalers, being the most popular and reliable treatment, are categorized as either preventers or relievers of an attack.

Nebulizer is another option for asthma. When an attack is severe enough that reliever puffs wont work anymore, Nebulizer can be another option. Nebulizers work by vaporizing liquid medication into a steam. The patient can then continuously inhale the steam from a nebulizer.

More asthma breathing treatments can be found in the non-medical and/or the alternative medicine field. These include, but are not limited to, acupuncture, breathing exercises, and chiropractics. Stress is also known to contribute to asthma because it causes the immune system to amplify the airway response to allergens. Because of this, it is suggested that yoga can help. Breathing techniques such as the Buteyko method, Pranayama, and other forms of yoga promotes relaxed breathing techniques as a form of asthma breathing treatment. These are normally taught in classroom-like environments for a fee.

Steam inhalation is also considered as another alternative for treating asthma. In this kind of treatment, the patient inhales vapors from a tub filled with hot water mixed with an essential oil such as eucalyptus oil. This alternative is very useful in times when there is no immediate medication around when an attack occurs.

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