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Vaginal Yeast Infection Diet

Posted Oct 10 2011 4:38am

If you wear restrictive and damp clothing, have diabetes, are premenstrual, taking oral steroids, on a contraceptive pill, use vaginal hygiene products such as soaps and douches, it’s possible that you are at risk for a vaginal yeast infection. You can treat yeast infections in several ways, concurrently with proper .

You can detoxify your body by using a vaginal yeast infection program which is aimed at taking out a . Yeast infections, known scientifically as candida albicans, are triggered by the hyperactivity of certain bacteria in your body. Strictly adhering to the vaginal yeast infection diet will show results in no later than 21 days after beginning, though some give and take is possible with the diet.

Vaginal yeast infection diet programs require that you take in a good supply of water. Water is a key ingredient of a detoxifying program. It helps purge out the harmful poisons inside the body. There are those who suggest drinking green tea and fresh fruit juice to raise the amount of liquid one consumes. But emphasis is given to drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

Be sure to keep away from processed food. It’s a good rule of thumb to follow to cut processed food with a lot of fat out of your diet, whether or not you’re trying to eliminate a . Heat food to just the temperature it needs; if you overcook food, it tends to lose some of its nutritional value. You lose nothing of its nutrition if you sautee or steam foodstuffs. You don’t need to cook vegetables; merely convert them into a salad. While vegetables are good, avoid the sweet variety, like carrots, corn, onions, potatoes and yams.

Include plenty of garlic in your diet, as there are many antibacterial properties in garlic that will help your diet. Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables, and minimize the amount of meat you eat as much as possible. Eggs, fowl, lamb, beef and fish are acceptable meats, when not eaten in excess. Think of the right meat portion as no more than half the size of the area of your hand. If you eat much more than that, your digestive system would be greatly taxed.

Quite often, there are several foods that you enjoy, and want to keep eating while on a vaginal yeast infection diet. As long as you maintain moderation and eat small portions, you can still enjoy your favorite foods while combating a yeast infection. Consider adding yogurt, buckwheat, or brown rice to your diet also.

Pure virgin olive oil and sea salt are two condiments that are safe to eat. Olive oil is great for the skin and offers many health benefits, so be sure to use it. Eating fresh ginger may also help to eliminate your yeast infection. Ginger is great for your digestive system and has many different properties that can be helpful in curing a yeast infection.

A holistic way to dealing with a yeast infection should include attention to a nutritionally sound eating program. You must be aware how to keep yourself clean for your health and also eat good food.

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