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Vacation Workout Report

Posted Dec 22 2011 6:00am

Cozumel. Yep, it was just that pretty. Credit: Kristen Seymour

Do you know how much I love that a bunch of you who echoed my thoughts about working out on vacation ? It was really great to come home to your lovely comments.

It was also lovely to wake up at my leisure and fit in a good, long workout between first and second breakfast while I was gone.

I’m happy to say that I did a decent job of getting my workouts in, although I didn’t get them in quite daily as I’d planned. One of my favorite workouts was running outside on the ship, which presented a few special challenges—the seas, they were rough, so even though I was on the jogging track, there was a bit of balancing involved, along with dodging fellow passengers with boat-drinks in hand. Also, it took six laps to equal a mile, and even though I didn’t get bored as quickly as I feared I would, keeping track wasn’t all that easy.

My husband and my fit bottom after a bit of snorkeling, which is *like* working out, right? Credit: Jenna Seymour

I also hit the bike in the gym (which, I have to say, was beautiful and had a great variety of equipment), and made good use of the BOSU and hand weights. Plus, my husband and I took a salsa dancing class taught by my favorite dancer from the cruise-ship shows, which was amazingly fun, even if I can still hear Eduardo’s voice saying, “Use those heeeps, girl!” All in all, I probably mixed it up better on the ship than I tend to do at home.

I also slept better than I normally do at home. We had an interior room, which is pitch black, and between that, the ship rocking me like a baby and a few glasses of wine each night, I slept in too late on the days we were at port to workout before heading ashore to snorkel. So, can I count snorkeling and lifting margaritas as my workout? Hey, it was my vacation, and I think I’ll say yes. Normally I tend toward more active shore days, but since this was a family trip, we kept our activities to things everyone could enjoy, and I don’t have an ounce of regret.

The workouts and snorkeling were great and all, but do you know what I loved even more? Unplugging. I didn’t check my phone or email once while we were gone, and boy, did that ever do wonders. Emotional fitness is important, too, you know, and this was just what I needed to truly relax and recharge my mental batteries.

After spending a few hours in the ship’s gym, I was ready to get outside for some long workouts, and it got me wondering—what are your favorite vacation spots for working out ? You can give me specifics (running the Rocky stairs in Philly) or something more general (yoga on the beach—any beach), but please share! Or, if you love making use of a really great hotel fitness center, I want to hear all about that, too. —Kristen

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