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Use TV Time to Exercise

Posted by Nirmala N.

I'm sure we've all had those times when we just want to sit and veg in front of the television, while we complain to friends that we never have time to go to the gym. Now, your evenings don't need to be filled with schlocky sitcoms and Monday night football ad infinitum, however. If you're too beat to head to the gym, consider doing some simple stretches and toning exercises in front of the boob tube. Leg lifts, sets of crunches, push-ups, and simple yoga poses can help fill a good 20 minutes of commercial time during an hour of television--and fitness experts have revealed that short spurts of exercise, even if it's just low-impact, can be beneficial for the body. It's also a better activity to supplement your TV watching than gorging on a bag of chips!
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The big inflatable balls are also good for exercise in your living room. You can use it for everything from crunches to push-ups.
I definitely use TV time to do some additional stretching and yoga. Sometimes I even use my lateral thigh trainer (which is a stepper) but I've been bad about that lately. My favorite thing to do is get my yoga strap and do those awful leg stretching exercises that I am really bad at. You know, the ones where you put your leg up into the air and then try to pull it down towards you. Bleepin' tight hamstrings. Oh well!
I like the idea of fitting in exercise when you can...I do. But, after I've just worked my tail off for the last 12 hours at work, when it's time to finally come home and veg, I plan on doing just that. The problem is that we have the combination of being lazy and overworked in our daily lives. I have to do my exercise when I wake up, or during the middle of my day. Afterwards, it's my time to relax. And I think it turns people off to think they need to workout after they've just busted their butts for the entire day. So, yes, please try to fit in 30 minutes of exercise a day. In fact, you must. But, I don't expect anyone to do it at the end of the day. Create an opportunity in the am or in the middle of the day, and if you'd prefer, leave the evening time for you to unwind and spend time with your loved ones.
I like to do crunches and other floor exercises before work as I'm watching the morning news
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