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Use The Holiday To Get Fit And Stay Fit

Posted May 29 2010 12:00am

It’s easy to overeat during a long holiday weekend.  However, it’s also easy to use the time to get an edge on your fitness, diet, and overall well being.  Make the holiday work for you and use your time to get healthy and lean while your getting ready for the summer.  Here are some specific things to make your weekend the best thing for your health.

  • .  Not many people have time during the week to get a jump start on healthy eating.  Look online, buy a new light cookbook, find easy recipes in magazines, or email your friends asking for their favorite recipes.
  • .  Making all your meats for the week makes eating healthy an easy task.  Since meat takes the longest to cook it cuts down on time that you can devote to working out.
  • Avoidance of classes at the gym unusually stems from scheduling issues.  Find classes at your gym and work them into your schedule.  You never know, that class could be your new addiction!

  • Finding new and fun places to jog or walk can make your boring workout a new adventure.
  • Adding new exercises to your old routine can get you on the path to a new body.  If you don’t currently do weight training then find some basic moves that you can use every week to build your stamina.
  • Believe it or not, sitting down and writing down your plan of action for eating and exercising can make a HUGE difference in your train of thought.  By putting it on paper you unknowing commit yourself to your plan.  Forget talking yourself into it after work; a map of your goals for the week does it for you!

  • Research has shown that clutter in your house leads to an unspoken burden that ways you down emotionally day after day.  This burden then transfers over into your workout and eating routine making you feel more overwhelmed in your daily life.
  • Not resting enough is another way to sabotage your health.  Rest is essential for controlling food cravings, and having enough energy to exercise.
  • Sure, it’s good to do things for others, but without putting your needs first you  put your own health on the back burner.

These tips may seem simple individually but as a whole then have the ability to transform your thoughts and your body.  Take each one of them to heart and use them over this holiday weekend.  You’ll thank us later.. and when you do, write in and let us know!

Adria Ali

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