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Use Power Exercises To Burn More Fat, Part 3

Posted Sep 11 2008 2:02am
A common problem that exercisers run into all the time is---"I have hit a wall (plateau)!" All of the early success associated with starting an exercise program can send you into a tailspin when you reach a plateau. You become frustrated and wonder "what am I doing wrong?" You probably just need to change up your exercise routine and you'll be okay.

There are many ways to change up an exercise routine---- do new exercises, adjust the intensity, start eating better, adjust the amount of weight, adjust the repetitions/sets, etc. One of the best ways to get you "out of your exercise funk" is to add some power exercises to your workout routine! Shorter, more intense workouts (weight training or cardio) will give you more fat loss gains!

Here's an example: instead of doing cardio on the elliptical machine, do your cardio with a pair of power exercises. All it takes is 20 intense minutes! It can go something like this:

--Full speed medicine ball chops, 1 minute
--Slow jog for 2 minutes
--Full speed butt kickers, 1 minute
--Slow jog for 2 minutes

Just do this rotation for 20 minutes and you have a very intense cardio workout! And, on your weight training days, you could mix in some power exercises. Before you know it, you will have broken through your plateau! Try it! From personal experience, I know it works!

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