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Urban Ninja, B-girl Power, & Fitness Competition Videos

Posted Apr 08 2010 12:26pm

These are a few of my favorite vids that I thought I would pass along. These videos truly demonstrate the amazing capabilities of our bodies and nothing else BUT our own bodies! No wonder I love bodyweight training!!

Video above: Urban ninja. This is some parkour ish that astounds and impresses me with the degree of precision and agility required for these moves!!

Video above: Amazing b-girl power- my love!! With my background in gymnastics, whenever I break I naturally gravitated toward power moves. Many females cannot do ANY power moves, so please understand these are some of the best in the world! Very inspirational for me.

Video Above: Fitness routine with hip hop steez! This gal can dance. If/when I do fitness, I’ll add some true breaking and hip hop to blow their minds!!!

What do you think of these videos??

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