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Upper Body Strength Training

Posted Jan 01 2011 12:00am

Okay party people, here is dirt butt stupid workout to get you burning fat and leaning out. Like all fat burning workouts it will really only be effective once or twice but give it a try to fire up that metabolism.

This workout consists of only two drills once you are warmed up. Turkish Get Ups and Kettlebell Burpees. To do the Turkish Get-Up, just watch the video below. It is a great full body drill that will strengthen your core and loosen up your hips. As for the Kettlebell Burpees, do a burpee just like in high school, but hold a kettlebell in each hand the entire time. Yes, it will suck. But, it will get your metabolism fired up.

As for sets and reps, that is entirely up to you. I just warmed up and then alternated between the two drills for 30 minutes. So go at your own pace but push yourself. Do a set of TGU's, catch your breath, then hit the burpess, catch your breath, and repeat. Try to get as much volume (sets x reps) as possible in a pre-determined amount of time.

  • TGU
    • 1 set of max reps, stop when your form breaks down
  • Kettlebell Burpee
    • 1 set of max reps, stop when your form breaks down
    Repeat till you puke or just decide it's time to stop pouring sweat all over the ground.

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    Calgary, Alberta

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