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Upper Body Speed and Size Workout using a Strongman Log

Posted Feb 16 2010 12:00am
Tuesday is my speed/size day so I usually do barbell work to build real power. Here is the workout I did:

  • speed bench 9 x 3 @ 60% of raw max with chains (just do some heavy pressing if you aren't a powerlifter like me)
  • strongman log, clean and press 4 x 2 (use a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells depending on what's available)
  • pull-ups x 50 total reps
That was all I could handle. It was my first time using a strongman log in three years and it showed! I almost fell backwards twice! That would have hurt. If you are more concerned with being lean and fit I would use a lighter weight and go for 10-15 reps per set.

If you can get your hands on a log I highly recommend it. It has a totally different feel than a barbell and will put on some new muscle just because it is so different! Banging them out for high reps will send your heart rate through the roof.

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