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Upper Body Hypertrophy Workout

Posted Jan 26 2010 12:00am
Here is the hypertrophy workout I did today. Saturdays I focus on the horizontal plane (bench press and row) so Tuesdays I focus on training the vertical plane. Pairing military presses with pull-ups for 10 sets of 5 on each drill is a lot of volume. Feel free to adjust it to meet your needs. Personally, I react well to low reps with high sets for gaining size.
  • standing military press 10 x 5 paired with weighted pull-ups 10 x 5
  • blast strap circuit 3 rounds of 8-15 reps depending on your strength in the drill
    • push-ups
    • rows
    • superman plank
    • triceps extension
    • curls
    • reverse flys
The military press is strict, ie., no knee bend. The push press is another great vertical pressing movement geared more for max strength.

In this workout I am using the blast straps in my hands, but they are very versatile and great for training the "core", or stomach as I call it!
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