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Upper Body Hypertrophy Push - Pull Workout

Posted Aug 01 2010 12:00am

Yesterday I to give my training a kick in the ass and start bringing it again. Well, it felt so good to train like an animal again that today I decided to unleash the madness! If you are going to do something, you may as well do it right. So if you are going to train, train your ass off!

That being said, sometimes you have to lie to yourself to get the workout started. For example today I was feeling a bit beat up from maxing out on clean and presses yesterday so I told myself that today would be an easy workout. I even started the workout kind of slow to keep myself from wimping out. A few sets into my deadlifts I started to feel the madness take over and said screw it, let's do this!

Below is the workout I did today, simple but tough none the less. Deadlifts are a go-to lift for getting large and in charge, and the old 5x5 method is tried and true for helping you along. Also, for some reason 20-25 reps of good solid weights seems to be the sweet spot for building muscle. So if you pick a weight that is too heavy for 5x5 just try to work up to 25 reps total and you'll be fine.

Lower Body Hypertrophy
    • 5 x 5
      • I ended up unleashing the madness and banging out 10 brutal reps on the last set
    • 3 x 3
    • 3 x 8
So as you can see there is nothing too fancy here. Getting jacked enough to challenge the Macho Man himself to a battle for belt is simple, just not easy. It isn't about complex set/rep schemes, and exotic exercises (although they can have their place), it's about hard, simple work.

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