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Update: I finally made it!

Posted Oct 02 2007 9:47am 2 Comments

I went to bed early enough to wake up early for the Pilates on the Ball class at the gym. :) The class was better than expected. It looks like the teacher has some follower because I was the only new person and everyone else takes this class regularly.

I've heard about Pilates, but this was an interesting twist because it was using traditional Pilates moves with a stability ball (exercise ball), making every move more challenging.

I didn't walk out of the room sweating, but I defiantly got a full body workout. One of the best advantages of taking a class (or using a personal trainer) is pushing yourself. I find when I am in a class I don't want to let the teacher or myself down, so I push myself through the exercises even though I want to stop. Also, the teacher is expecting you (it's like an informal appointment), so there is more of a drive to get up in the morning and go to the gym.

Do you find that exercise classes help push you or would you rather workout by yourself?

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First of all, great for making it happen by getting to the class you've been wanting to go to. Pilates is a work out I want to try. I have a friend who lives in Buffalo, NY, who is a teacher of pilates; yet I have never taken the class. With a theater background I have often heard of the benefits for core training. I want to take strictly pilates class not a mixture of practices. As far as agreements go, racquetball games gets me going. Someone there waiting to play with me. I can't let them down. Besides, I really want to play RB -- great workout.
Hey- good for you. A formal class is a good way to be regular, but exercising with a friend also works for me.
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