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Understanding Common Allergies And Their Symptoms

Posted Jan 30 2010 10:29pm
If you have sudden attacks of itchiness, asthma, sneezing, coughing, rashes or red spots all over your body, the chances are very likely that you are allergic to something. Common allergies and their symptoms can manifest anytime and anywhere so if you have allergic reactions to some types of foods, smells, pollen and other things, you need to be very careful and avoid the things that trigger your allergy.

Some common allergies and their symptoms can cause a number of complications in your body. Once medical complications happen, danger steps in. To help you understand common allergies and their symptoms, read on.

Common allergies and their symptoms can be broadly categorized into outdoor and indoor allergy triggers. Both outdoor and indoor allergies can make your life really miserable so look out for and be aware of the things that could trigger allergic reactions. For instance, the most common allergies and their symptoms may be caused by different kinds of pollen. Pollen may come from trees, weeds, grasses, shrubs or flowers.

Technically, pollen is a harmless powdery substance that is emitted by the male plants into the air to pollinate the female plants. In other words, pollen is necessary to make plants grow and bear fruit. Unfortunately, there are people who are allergic to this stuff. Since is made up of very tiny particles and can be inhaled by a person, a person who is allergic to this stuff may suffer from different forms of allergies and symptoms.

In most cases, people who are allergic to pollen will suffer from asthma, allergic rhinitis and other conditions. The weather can also contribute a lot to the degree of the suffering of those individuals that are allergic to pollen. According to experts, humidity will amplify the allergic reactions of the person. Since the pollen could become trapped in the moisture, it will stay longer in the air and cause more suffering to those individuals who are allergic to it. During humid conditions the impact of common allergies and their symptoms could magnify, increasing and thereby causing the sufferer to feel extremely uncomfortable.

On the other hand, while the outdoor allergens may be seasonal, indoor allergens can be an all year round problem. People who are living in apartments without windows and those who are living in polluted areas are especially prone to common allergies and symptoms. Molds and mites are usually the culprit. Since the air in a windowless apartment is recycled, allergens are trapped inside the apartment and sadly the sufferer may experience an all year round cough and bouts of sneezing.

Allergy symptoms can occur within 30 minutes following exposure, or may not develop until several hours or days later. In some cases, symptoms increase in severity for 8 to 12 hours. Allergy shots (vaccinations) is an option and consist of a series of shots with solutions containing the allergens. The objective is to reduce your sensitivity, which decreases the symptoms.

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