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TV Shows About Sports: The Good, The Bad, The Nonsensical! [Why I'm not really blogging tonight]

Posted May 15 2012 12:24am

Praise the heavens! You can’t tell but Megan’s really upset I couldn’t find our matching leotards.

The Super Bowl, the World Series, the Olympics: When most people talk about watching sports on TV they mean they’re “catching the game.” But I am not most people (in this case I am both dumber and more juvenile than most people) and so when I tell people I have to rush home to watch sports, I’m talking about watching dramas loosely based around people who are supposedly playing a sport but in reality are just terrible actors. I freaking love these shows! Friday Night Lights! Miracle! Power Rangers!! Remember Center Stage where Jodie twirls for two minutes on one leg and then magically has an entire costume, hair and makeup change in mid-air? Booyah! Better than any sports center.

So tonight was the season finale of Make It or Break It, a soap opera (-ish, it’s ABC Family after all) show about 4 plucky gymnasts trying to make it to the 2012 Olympics. (Although really it’s about 3 since one of the actresses went and got preggo and they booted her off the show.) Being a former gymnast myself, albeit nowhere close to Olympic caliber, I was hooked from the instant Gym Buddy Allison told me about it. Over time we sucked in all the other Gym Buddies as well and now that the Olympics are finally here (in real life too!) ABC decided to cancel the series mid-season. Wha…? Hence the bizarre, premature and utterly unsatisfying season finale. But of course I had to watch it and since I don’t have TV (which doesn’t stop me from watching it, apparently) I headed over to Gym Buddy Megan’s house for a little MIOBI par-tay.

This is how we party:

Sexy laundry time! Guys totally do this while they watch soccer, right?

The finale was every bit as campy, poorly acted and dramatic as I expected but sadly did not show much gymnastics which is the main reason I love watching it. Loved. Right, it’s over.

This is Austin, the world’s least convincing love interest.

It took us all the way through the show to realize that we have the exact same pedi:

Zombie: Totes the hottest color for summer!

Spoiler alert: (as if anyone watches this show but us) THEY DON’T SHOW THE OLYMPICS!!! You find out who makes the team (which is no surprise) but it ends there. Four seasons of leo butt-wedgies and forcing myself to put up with so many teenagers losing their virginity that I feel like a maidenhood expert and I don’t even get to see any Olympic caliber gymnastics? Maybe that’s because the stunt doubles for the show had to train for the Olympics? I don’t know. In any case, Megan and I recreate the winning “stick it” pose for you, since you’ll never get to see it on the show.

Reason #425 why people shouldn’t let me have a camera with a self-timer on it.

Most unsatisfying finale ever. (Although I never saw the Seinfeld finale and I hear that one was really bad.)

Completely unrelated but this is what I did during nap time today since my Internet went down and I couldn’t work. Found this vintage purse at a garage sale and, depending on your taste, either ruined it or made it awesome by adding chevrons! Easiest DIY ever: painter’s tape and silver nail polish.

Do you like TV shows or movies about sports? Do you have a guilty pleasure show you watch? Anyone else have jade green toenails rightthisveryminute?

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