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Tsubo brought the SEXY back.

Posted Apr 11 2013 4:10am
leather like buttah!

leather like buttah!

Before we head into my ode of I FEEL SEXY! love to the Cellini shoes—I need to stop & wish the Husband a happy birthday.

Actually, it’s less stopping before we start and more oooh Im so excited to show him Ive gots my sexy back —but Im getting ahead of myself.

We’ve chatted about how the child and I ran off for some alone time .

We’ve established Ive not been my usual up-like-a-puppy! self.

As a result, we’ve circuitously established the poor husband hath been neglected recently.

(although we did go OVER THE TOP with his birthday gift so there’s that.  Keep an eye on Instagram for details.)

But Im getting ahead of myself.


To know me is to know I have a close personal relationship with my UPS man (translation: he thinks Im insane .  yes. I mean the new OAKtown one, too.).

The other day he dropped by toting a box from TSUBO .

I was aware the box contained Cellini wedges   as Id chosen them to review 100% because the Tornado adores (fingerquote) fancy (unFQ) shoes.

She loves nothing more than my wearing heels as then, by her definition, I appear more ‘princess like’ (hold me).

She immediately ripped open the box & yanked the shoes from their cardboard home.

We were both smitten & speechless.

They were fancier than she’d anticipated (I think she’d expected sneakers ?) and even more stylin’ than Id thought from the catalog photo.




We stared at them for a while.

leather like buttah!

simply stunning.

It was, in fact, the Tornado who broke the silence with a clear and loud:


I let her try them first. I rock that way.  And then I yanked them off *her* and placed them gently on my feet.

And fell in love.

seriously there are no words.

seriously there are no words.

They were comfy.

They were easy for this awkward woman to walk in.

The Cellini shoes–paired with cheap ass old navy brand skinny jeans fancy denim–immediately changed how I carried myself.

they brought my sexy back

they brought my sexy back.

At the child’s request I wore the Cellinis the rest of the afternoon.

I wore them during homework-time.

I wore them while I made dinner.

I wore them while I blogged.




I did, however, remove them *before* the Husband came home and hid them in my closet

Way in the back where normally only the Crocs and Dr Scholls (remember them?) reside.

Im yanking them out tonight in honor of his birthday.

Tsubo Cellini ?

I shall thank you from him in advance for bringing my fancy—and sexy—back.

Sometimes.  Many times.  A shoe is far far more than merely a covering for the feet.

These wedges are definitely that.

Ive gots my sexy back.


FTC? The shoes were sent to me for review. No compensation was paid for this post and the opinions/awkward SEXXXY overshares are all my own.

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