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Tri Again!

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm
Last week I explained that changing your wrist position with your bicep curls will influence the musculature of the arm differently, thus giving rationale for using varied hand grips.

But, Guess what?

This is not the same for the triceps.

Uh, Lance. Are you high on endorphins again?! It totally 'feels' different when I use different hand positions with tricep exercises.

Easy, Killer! A quick review of functional anatomy will give us what we are looking for....


There two major bones that make up the lower arm or forearm: the radius (thumb side) and ulna (pinkie side). The major difference between the two bones is that the radius actually rotates on the ulna as the wrist turns, whereas the ulna does not move

Experience the ulna - with your left palm facing upward, by putting your right hand on the inside of left elbow (closest to the pinkie side) and turn your wrist a couple times . You won't feel any movement.

The triceps brachii are located on the back of the upper arm and as you can see from the picture above there are three (in red) heads of this muscle, but all the heads come together into one tendon (in white) that connects to only the ulna

The biceps brachii are located on the front of the upper arm and insert on the radius.

See where the biceps and triceps attach below:

It is because the biceps connect to a bone that rotates as the wrist moves that makes the hand position influential. The triceps are not impacted by a varied wrist position because they connect to a stationary bone unaffected by the twist of the wrist. 

This is a lot to chew on, so I will save why it 'feels' different for another blog. Let this marinate and holla me...

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