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Treatment Can Be Used in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted Jul 01 2010 12:17am

Some researchers have concluded that chiropractic care is equally effective for treating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome as conservative care is (conservative care is defined as taking anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal pain killers like aspirin and wearing a night time splint on the injured wrist). Research has continued to show that chiropractic medicine can have great benefits on RSIs (repetitive stress injuries, such as CTS), and research has shown that it can have healing effects as powerful as allopathic medicine.

Chiropractic treatment is based on the human body and the belief that the body’s form is developed for a certain function. It also holds that problems in many cases, other than in traumas, are caused by misshapen parts of the body or are a result of misusing that part of the body as well. This type of medicine specifically takes a look at the spine, since the nervous system conducts energy through the body, using the spine.

Quite a few carpal tunnel patients are beginning to look to chiropractic medicine for some relief. Many like this option because they don’t want to take drugs, they don’t want to have any surgery, and they don’t want to deal with immobilizers that can interfere with their life. Chiropractors are able to use other methods in order to treat problems with carpal tunnel.

Often manipulation is used in this type of medicine. It may include manipulation of the wrist, the arm, or even the spine of the patient. Spinal problems can actually relate to and even cause carpal tunnel. Sometimes making adjustments to the spinal column can be done with the hands to help, and often other types of tools are used, which are very safe.

DCs might also use ultrasound therapy. With ultrasound, sonic waves that are beyond the range of human hearing get focused upon specific areas of the body. Sound waves can penetrate things very deeply, and they are known to be able to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and relax muscles so that healing can be furthered.

And, DCs might put wrist supports on the CTS patient. These are used to prevent movement in the wrist so that no further irritation and inflammation can be caused. Wrist supports are typically worn just at night during sleep, so that during the work day there is not too much interference with the hand’s functioning.

There is a lot of merit in another approach to CTS treatment, too, one that also uses “manipulation”. This is the use of physical exercises that are specially designed to diminish the symptoms of CTS, and then prevent it from coming back again. Although chiropractic works for some people, there is not clear evidence that it works for all. But the exercises get right to the heart of the matter and can be used by anyone. There is also no need for the expense associated with paying a DC. Why not give exercise a try to prevent CTS?

Treating carpal tunnel syndrome with surgery is often a mistake. Not only is invasive surgery costly and difficult to recover from, but in the case of this repetitive stress injury it’s often ineffective.A holistic alternative is massage and other related carpal tunnel exercises that can be performed right from one’s home, for free.

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