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Treadmills or Elliptical Machines: Which Are Better?

Posted Oct 28 2011 5:29am

Are you thinking about whether to get a treadmill or an elliptical machine? You have probably heard that running is bad for your knees and ankles because of the constant jarring. If you get an elliptical machine there will be a smooth circular motion instead of the pounding and that is why ellipticals have become so popular.

Running on pavement and on treadmills continually jars your body and is extremely bad on your knees and joints. Running is a good aerobic exercise but over time it can wear your body down. That is the reason elliptical machines have become so popular: they give you pretty much the same workout as running but with much less to your body. The elliptical machine has a gentle circular motion where your feet never leave the machine and this is superior to running.

Not all elliptical machines are the same and a good place to do research is at health clubs. You should always try out the machine you are thinking of buying before you actually pay for it and have it delivered. Make sure the machine feels right under you and has the options you want. Elliptical machines are by no means cheap and you should make sure you are making the correct decision before you buy.

There are lots of companies that make elliptical machines and one that always seems to get good ratings is Octane. Their machines are on the expensive side and some of them are health club quality. If you test an Octane machine, you will be able to feel the quality underneath you and they are built to last a long time. In fact if you treat them well and maintain them, an Octane may last you much of your life.

If you try one of the less expensive machines after trying an Octane or other expensive machine, you will immediately feel a big difference. The cheaper brands and models don't feel as sturdy underneath you and they also make more noise when you use them. When you try to decide what type of machine you want, you must keep your budget in mind and also consider how dedicated you are to exercise. If you have doubts that you are going to be able to keep working out for years, a more expensive machine might be a waste of money.

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