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Traveling the Stages of Grief in Search of Products For Hair Loss

Posted Dec 07 2008 7:01pm

Whether you are new to the realization that you are losing your hair or you’ve been grappling with this concept for a number of years, you know how painful and aggravating the condition can be. I know that for me, it was tantamount to finding out about the inevitable and untimely loss of a loved one. As a matter of fact there were several definite stages of emotion that I went through, and they were very close in nature to those that many people experience in response to a major loss in their lives. Here’s what I went through - see how your experience stacks up to mine:

* Denial. “This is not happening to me!” I’ve taken care of myself; none of my relatives are bald. It’s just my imagination. But the hair loss is undeniable, the receding hairline becoming increasingly obvious until finally someone close to me notices and mentions it. It’s at this point that denial turned to…

* Anger. “It must be something I’m eating!” (Probably true.) “It’s work! Too much stress and pressure!” “It’s clearly unfair that so many other people go through life with a healthy head of hair and I have to deal with going bald!” If you’re like me, you can find a reason to be angry at every thing and every one around you for their role in causing your hair loss. It’s irrational, and for me this period was short, and fortunately it lead to the most productive of the stages that I can recall, and that is…

* Bargaining. “What do I have to do to stop this? I’ll do anything!” This stage sent me running to every resource I could think of, starting with my doctor. I didn’t get any good news from him, and so began to do some research on my own to establish the best way to address my own hair loss - make it stop. There are many supposed cures available, and I tried many over the course of a year. The results I found on first effort were minimal, and after a year of trying I came to the conclusion that there was nothing I could do - nothing would work for me. I was wrong but didn’t realize it, and so headed to the next stage in my path…

* Depression. Nothing would ever work for me. I would have to learn to live with baldness for the rest of my days. For over a year I had thrashed around trying to fight hair loss, and nothing seemed to work. I was going to be stuck with baldness, and so might as well learn to live with it. Next stop: acceptance.

* Acceptance. With an end to the bargaining and depression came some peace, but then I began to revisit some of the solutions that I had tried desperately earlier on. I found that with renewed patience and a sense of calm I could be more rational in choosing a course of action. I did research, and when I tried a product I did so with patience and diligence. And I found one that works for me! It was out there all the time - all I had to do was find it - but to do so I needed to calm down!

There are lots of hair loss products to choose from, and many make outrageous claims of success in every hair loss case. Every person is different, and so different solutions work for different people. The one that I found that worked for me then and continues to work for me today is Provillus. It’s available over-the-counter, and contains the leading hair loss solution recommended by the FDA - the one responsible for the regrowth of hair in millions of individuals. Provillus works for the widest cross-section of individuals, and it might work for you. If you’re searching for a way to stop your own hair loss, try Provillus. There’s a good chance it will change your life.

Looking for the best hair loss products? Then you need to look into Provillus. Products for hair loss differ in price and effectiveness - Provillus is the most effective.

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