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Travel Medical Insurance is a smart purchase

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:02pm

When you travel to foreign countries you risk unexpected accidents and even illness. It happens to many people every year. Purchasing Travel Medical Insurance is a smart investment for this reason. Travel is a way of life for many people and Travel Medical Insurance should not be overlooked.

So if you are seasoned traveller or a new student studying abroad, don’t be caught off guard. There are many diseases and hazards in unfamiliar countries. Without a back up plan you could be in financial trouble, which could lead to a really bad travel experience.

Travel Medical Plans have some added bonuses that make it appropriate as well. They often have loads of information available to members to help you plan your travels. They have 24 hour hot-lines that can help you when your lost or need to find a doctor.

The plan you carry in the US typically will not cover you when you travel across seas so obtaining travel medical is essential. Most government funded plans or hospitals will only help citizens of that country so you would not like to risk not getting fast treatment that you can afford.

Travel Medical plans have many added incentives as well. They often cover other travel needs such as lost baggage, help with passport and discounts. They also have added additions you don’t think about like medical evacuation and life insurance.

If you only plan to travel 3 weeks that is all you are expected to purchase on most plans. Other plans allow you to purchase more for extended visits. And do not forget to check out what extra’s they offer. If you are planning on white water rafting you may want to add a sports rider.

You could be approved within 24 hours and the application process is much easier then traditional insurance. It usually can be completed in 10 minutes on your own. It is very affordable. Especially when you consider that the cost is usually less then a office visit overseas.

So for all you travel kings and queens or even a travel newbie, make your trip more worry free and have fun by adding travel medical insurance to your plans. You may not gain a thing, but you could potentially lose a lot.

If you are planning a trip for business, pleasure or study call agent Jeffrey A Cline for your needs. He can help you find what you need. Jeff also specializes in Student Abroad Health Insurance. Give his office today for assistance. His toll free number is 866-526-9669

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