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Training Log : Week 4 - Day 22 - Pain

Posted Jun 23 2009 6:55pm
Day 22 Sun
After a tiring run yesterday, I decided to take it slow and did only some brisk walking today. I spent most of the afternoon hunched (yeah, bad habit! - I think I will get a fitball to replace my armchair so that I can maintain my posture by balancing on the ball while blogging) in front of my laptop. What engrossed me was the story of the opening of the new Acropolis Museum in Athens last night. A beautiful place surrounded by an equally engaging controversy

Today I start => (3 min Run + 2 min Walk) x 5

But I had a late nite on the net, so morning run is out. I decided to do an evening training which is fine because the actual race is in the night. I started out at 6.30pm. The sun was setting & there was a pleasant breeze. But the streets are a bit busy with other joggers, children playing & cars.

As a start, I walked briskly for 6 mins & tried out the 4 warm-up moves suggested by SHAPE July 2009 issue, ie.

  • High-knee march (to warm up the knee )
  • Skipping (to warm up the legs ) -- oh no, forgot how to skip! Never did much of that as a kid
  • Heel walk (to warm up the calves & shins ) -- looked a bit strange, like penquins Happy Feet!
  • Toe walk (to warm up your feet )
Great,.. so now I'm off for my first lap.. Pant, pant... The first lap is always the demotivator.

After the second lap.. my toes and bottom of the feet felt numb. I tried to open my toes to spread out the impact & be more grounded.

I persevered ... I read in the website that PAIN is normal,

"As runners propel themselves forward, some measure of discomfort is normal (provided it's not a sign of a serious issue; see "Stop Right There," below). Muscles burn. Joints ache. Exhaustion sets in. However, research suggests that our pain threshold is not set at an unmovable level—that the mind can, to some extent, control it.",7120,s6-238-244--13167-0,00.html

  • If you Feel Sick in Anticipation of a Run => Remember Your Strengths !
  • If you Struggle Through Mile Repeats => Run With Purpose !
  • If you feel like you're Climbing a ?@*#! Mountain => Repeat a Mantra !
  • If you are Hitting a Low => Know It Will Pass !
  • If you get Long-Run Fatigue => Think of the Payoff !
  • If you are Gutting out a Hard Patch => Distract Yourself !

Stop Right There

Running your best often means going all out, but certain pains are warning signs you shouldn't ignore. By Nicole Falcone.

  1. Sharp, sudden foot, shin, or hip pain that worsens as you run
    - may have stress fracture -> get an x-ray
  2. Limping
    - muscle or ligament tear. Any pain that causes you to change your form should make you stop
  3. Chest pain, extreme sweating, breathlessness
    - symptoms of a heart attack
  4. High body temperature; dry skin; vomiting
    - heatstroke, which can be life threatening
  5. Severe stomach pain; diarrhea
    - signs of an intestinal problem called ischemic colitis, which tends to occur during prolonged exercise.

What relieve to reach the last lap! For the first time, I was wobbling after the run. Swaying like a drunk! Ha ha ha... But soon got back my bearings.

Cooled down at the park.. but cos it's past 7pm.. the place has mosquitos & many other tiny, irritating insects.

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