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Training Log : Week 3 - Day 17&18 - Energy drain

Posted Jun 23 2009 6:55pm
Day 18 Tuesday

I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW! But not when the alarm rang this morning I shut it of & crawled back to bed.

7.30am Felt really tired, but it knew I had to do it. The PLAN, stick to the PLAN! Today is 2 min Run + 2 min Walk x 7 laps again.

I felt cramps all over. The body was so tight. For nourishment, I drank 1/2 cup of soya milk & 1/2 glass of water together with my Ca & Mg supplement. My tummy felt bloated. Even had trouble bending down to wear my socks & tie my shoe lace.

WHY the lethargy??? I went to bed at 12.30am but tossed around - probably because I had nasi lemak (coconut rice & curry) 1 hr before bed time. Late night supper? A no, no but it has become a habit to visit a late night food court on the way back from work. A way to unwind, as I felt extremely tired & out of sync. Work was not that taxing. No major emotional problems..

Then why? Then I remember the time of the month - possibly PMS cramps. I usually have no problem with it but could it be that the training has aggravated some hormone imbalance? But, exercise usually alleviates my PMS symptoms. It has been known to delay my period in some months. Hmmm..

Did an extra long warm up - walked (couldn't muster a brisk walk) uphill to try & get circulation going. It was already 8am & the sun was up. But a cool breeze made me enjoy the walk. 10 mins.

Then, tried out the Warm-up plan. 5x - hamstring, calves, & glutes stretch.

Felt a little better. Stop watch ready - started to run..1st lap - slowly. 2nd lap - felt lighter & with more energy.. 3rd, 4th lap - began to pant excessively. Self doubt - can I finish 7? Refused to stop - halfway mark, 3 more to go! It was getting tougher. Luckily, I could last till the 7th lap.

Then, eager to try the Cool-down plan using asanas, I headed for th nearby park. Since the sun was strong, I hid under the shade of a large tree & began with Tadasana (Mountain pose). I always do this to calm myself, to focus & centre my concentration.

To the casual observer, I was just standing facing the sun, eyes closed, hands at the side, not doing anything. But with closed eyes, I could 'see' & feel a spiral of energy slowly churning in front of me, as I calm myself and 'released' the tension of the run. Strangely enough, the combination of the sun's warmth & tiredness from the run heightened my senses. After a few minutes, I was ready for Big Toe pose (stretches the calves). Have not done this before but tried to follow the instructions given on

This was followed by Chair pose (I find it activates my glutes) -> Extended side angle (good stretch) -> Half moon (have to work on my balance) -> Dancers pose (makes me happy!)

All went well except for one pesky mosquito (looked like an Aedes mosquito) & a fly. That's the problem of parks! So could do only 2-3 times with 10 second hold.

Breakfast of 1/2 slice cheese, carrot shreds, black pepper & roasted garlic in a sandwichmaker with wholemeal bread. Ate it with a simple dip made from Extra virgin olive & Bragg's Liquid Amino. Full.

Sun's very hot now. Felt lethargic again. Even dozed off in the bus (which hardly moved). Then took the LRT (train) but could not stop yawning. For me, this usually signals hunger. True, enough, after a lunch of white rice, sambal, tofu, stir-fried vegetables & clear soup, I felt more alert.


On the way home, the same drowsiness came over me. Slept on the train. Even missed my stop. Luckily only one stop. Had to take another one back. While waiting for the connecting bus, I stopped by the convenience store and bought a Nestle Crunch (chocolate bar). Just a bite & I felt better. Sugar spike!

My Analysis

Energy drain due possibly to:

  • insufficent nutrition (vitamins, amino acids, fibre) leading to cravings & lack of energy
  • intake of too much processed food as a result of giving in to my cravings, so that I can feel 'better' (high) temporarily
  • hormone imbalance due PMS and perimenopause
  • wrong/inadequate stretching & cooling down, etc...

Remedial action

  1. Stick to the plans outline - Nutrition, Supplement, Rest, Warm-up & Cool-down plans. Only time will tell
  2. Regular review & tweeking the plan.
  3. Reduce / remove bad lifestyle habits - late nite suppers, late nite blogging & such..
  4. Stay positive & motivated - It will all pass, the body will adjust

Day 17 Monday
Didn't do much on Monday. Can't recall much, except a constant feeling of drowsiness. Luckily not during work.

Also, immediately after each meal, I will feel drained. After a while this feel disappears.

Cravings were also uncontrollable. As soon as I finished a meal, I'd start looking for some snack to perk me up.

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