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Training Log : Week 1 - Day 6 - Interval Training

Posted Jun 23 2009 6:55pm
No problems getting up this morning, as I slept earlier last nite. Final day of 1st week training. Tomorrow is rest day. Next week will be tougher.

7 mins : Walked up-hill with stops to step up & down the curb and stretch hamstring & calves. Also to enjoy the cool mountain (or rather, the foothills) air. Green trees with a little morning mist.

6 x 1 min run, 3 min walk

This time, I tried to sprint and reach a certain spot at the end of the road (was reading about Fartleks, in SHAPE mag.. ie 'speed play') within the 1 min run time. To my surprise, my knees did not complain. I guess the stretching (in Warm-up) and the last few days has conditioned it.

By the 5th round, I was breathing hard, panting like a dog. But, hey.. I am still standing!

Calf stretch - one foot in front and 'sit' down while stretching the back leg. Feel the calf stretching?

Hamstring stretch - bring back leg slightly in front and stretch the front leg. Feel hamstring stretching?

Quad stretch - standing on one foot, hold the other foot close to the butt - like Dance's Pose in yoga but without hand stretching out

Hip Flexor - spread legs out like a lunge. 'Sit' down and hold for 10 counts

Upper back stretch - lock fingers, hold arms stretched out in front, hold at chest level

Chest stretch - stretch arms behind, lock fingers and hold

Then I remembered I haven't been doing the exercises taught by a friend who's a master trainer. These exercises are meant to keep the knee joint flexible. To be done on alternate days, 25 reps each move. There are 4 moves.

Move 1: Spread legs shoulder width apart. One arm in front. Do a half squat while imagining to touch an object 1 foot above ground. The further in front the object, the higher the difficulty. 25 times, average pace.

Move 2: Change hands and repeat. 25x

Move 3: Change hands again but this time twist and touch the imaginary object at the side of you. This will gently rotate your knee joint. Do not jerk. 25x

Move 4: Repeat for the opposite side. 25x
I remembered today to take something before running. A mug of soya milk (Soyrich, no added sugar). Taste a bit bland, but you get use to it!
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