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Training Log : Week 1 - Day 3 - Being confident

Posted Jun 23 2009 6:55pm
DOMS has set in. But not too bad. However, should have done some stretching yesterday after the workout. Muscles around the knee were a bit tight, like someone tugging at it.

Then I remembered - I haven't been doing the rehab exercises given by the Physio dept at UH (University Hospital). Now, where did I put that piece of paper & my ankle weights?

Found the ankle weights and strapped them around my ankles (obviously!..ha ha). They were given by a friend. Strangely, both were of different weights (1 lb & 2.5 lb or .45 kg & 1.2kg). I thought of getting a new set, but (oh, well) don't waste. Today, I'll put the heavier one on the right leg. Next day, I'll just interchange! Anyway, we are suppose to 'confuse' the body by mixing up our workout from time to time so that the body does not get complacent. How can I remember- lil'ol me? Well I just lay them out on the table in the order I used them today. One has to be creative in life, right?

I'll be posting the Knee Rehab diagrams in

It took me about 10 mins and the knee did feel a bit relaxed. Not so tight. Good thing, no? I have to do this everyday, I kept reminding myself.

It's 8am by the time I got out and the sun began to pierce its rays ('benefits' of living at the Equator). A few 'aunties' (middle-aged women) were still doing their morning walk. Cars were rolling out from every which way, off to work (Monday), I guess... And me, I'm off today!! Great way to start the week :))

I walked up-hill for 4 mins & did some gentle stepper moves at a step near the drain (it's dry). Up & down, up & down for 3 mins. Passer- bys gave me a curious look. You get used to it! Just show you're concentrating and do it with purpose. They may even think you're a pro, working out and envy you!! Ha Ha..

Many a time we feel self-conscious about our body, how we look... especially the more podgy ones. I used to have people laugh out loud because when I tried to jog (years ago), my 'wobbly' bits began to jiggle up & down.

People always ask the fat to exercise, but when we do, they poke fun at us. Downright mean (possibly) but now I just PITY THEM (definitely). After all this years, I finally realised that - People who find fault with us are those who themselves feel insecure. So they have to put someone else down so that they can feel better about themselves. And that does not only include those who give insensitive remarks but those 'well-meaning' ones who give out advice without considering our feelings.

CARDIO - Interval Training
Did according to SHAPE magazine's guide - Run 1 min, Walk 3 min (6 times).

I used my digital watch's stop-watch feature to time myself. Wah.. very professional, ya? Well, if we are serious about something, we must DO IT RIGHT, if not our total effort will be wasted. Attitude! Attitude! ( SSSorry, so preachy this morning...)

At the beginning, I was still worried about my knee. So, I cautiously ran on a slightly up-hill gradient for the 1st 1 min. A bit breathless but the knee held on fine. Then I walked downhill for 3 mins. When it's time to run again I ran up-hill and to my delight, I felt even lighter & could run a bit faster. Knee was fine. My conclusion - I guess the muscles around the knee have warmed up enough by now, so its performance is better.

One rule (my own rule), I'm adhering to is to either run up-hill slight gradient or flat ground but never downhill as the weight of the whole body will be straining the knee. I hope I'm right in my conclusion.

At the last 'leg' of my run, I veered my path to a nearby
playground and did the standard cool-down moves, to stretch the quads (thigh muscles), hamstring & calf

Something like that. These pictures were taken from a book I bought in Borders (New Body - Matt Roberts, published by DKDorlingKindersley )


Oh, oh... I realised too late that I had NOT TAKEN EATEN or DRANK anything prior to my running. But the body held up (probably still had a lot of 'reserves' from last nite's egg & veggie supper). I drank some water as soon as I reached home and an orange.

Now, half-way through writing this blog(11am) the tummy growls. So, I toasted 2 slices of wholemeal bread & inserted a 1/2 a tablespoon of Steffi's chunky peanut butter (no sugar added type) and St. Dalfour's Plum jam (no sugar added too).

Have also not been taking my glucosamine. I chose the powdered type because it's easier to take. Just like glucose drink and it's strength is 1500mg. I figure in liquid form, it will be easier to absorb into the body.

I also forgot (old age catching up??) to take calcium supplements yesterday. Calcium is necessary for the muscle (some chemical-biological effect). I learned that when I sat in at one of Fitness Innovation's Personal Trainer ACE preparatory classes. Thanks, Jerrican for a great lecture.


So far, it's been 3 days and I am feeling confident of the training & whether my knee can hold up to the challenge. I intend to see a Sports Med. doctor next week to get more feedback.

After this morning's training, I'm still energetic. So, I think I'll do some 'retail' therapy (window shopping- lah ) and enjoy my day off. Just love it when I can leisurely shop while other's work (the devil in me speaking!!)....

Oh, ya - I better get the SHAPE RUN forms & sign up A.S.A.P. for me & my friend.

Life's great!

P.S. This morning, I received an encouraging FB message from my former trainer, who taught me most of all I know about fitness. It is because of him that I am what I am today... THANKS PAL.

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