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Top 6 Chest Training Mistakes

Posted Dec 13 2010 1:36pm

Your chest is a large and complicated muscle. Considering its size you would think it would be easy to stimulate growth. Do some flat bench, another secondary movement, and your chest starts growing. Unfortunately the pecs are a much more muscle group area than that. In fact it is downright complex.

Training the pectoralis is a major puzzle to most bodybuilders, thinking a couple sets of bench press is all it takes, or going to the other extreme by dedicating a full day to 20 sets of different bench press variations. In this piece we would like to expose the answer to this puzzle by discussing the six most prevalent chest training errors and then providing tips to avoid them.

Read carefully; you will be surprised how many mistakes you are likely making.


  • Train chest and prioritize it in the same manner as other muscle groups.
  • Focus on upper chest development.
  • Avoid machines; free weights will stimulate more fibers in your chest overall.
  • Focus on feeling a contraction in your chest; not just moving weight around.
  • Remember to also train your back and triceps with as much intensity as you train your chest.
  • Keep volume at a level which keeps you increasing weight as much as possible
  • Always use sufficient ROM on chest exercises . On DB bench, make sure to go to at least a 90-degree angle.
  • Read This: The Top 5 Best Chest Exercises
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