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Top 5 Workout Motivators

Posted by tamara h.

Going to the gym is something all Americans talk about and yet some just flat out never get around to doing. With work, family, school, and a myriad of other commitments, it's no wonder we spend more money on our gym memberships than time actually spent going! Below are five motivators for getting to the gym this week - and sticking to it!

1) You can get energized

Do you feel you don't have enough energy to get off that couch and drive to your local workout center? Know that dragging yourself to the gym will get your blood pumping and will actually leave you with MORE energy to get other things done than you had previously.

2) Instead Mood Lifter

Exercise of any form has been scientifically proven to cause your brain to release more endorphins, meaning that physical activity can actually make you happier! Dancing, running, lifting, stretching, or any other exercise-based activity can relieve mild depression symptoms and get your mind off of life downers in a healthy and productive way.

3) Expand your Social Circle

Having fitness accontability with a friend or a group of coworkers can not only get your body in shape but build stronger relationships as well. People also have been known to find romance at the gym - being in a place where you're showing you care about your body and your future can be very attractive to others - and vice versa!

4) Save Money

A gym membership is usually much more inexpensive than the amount of money spent on activities you would participate in if you weren't going - such as movies, eating out, and shopping. Preoccupying yourself at the gym gives you the same satisfaction you crave from these other activities, but leaves your finances happier at the same time.

5) Protect Yourself

Going to the gym regularly can protect you from common health problems later in life such as heart disease. It has been scientifically proven that those who participate in a regular form of physical exertion are less likely to suffer from a heart attack, and those who still experience one despite exercising regularly are able to recover more fully and quickly.

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Thanks for reminding us of all the great reasons we need to show up at the gym. I'm going to post this list on my fridge and read it the next time I'm trying to talk myself into skipping my workout.
We have to remind ourselves that working out is essential to living a fulfilling life. I would recommend one not be too hard on themselves if they miss a work out or haven't been to the gym lately. Just get back in there and start up again. You will be emotionally happier that you did -- guaranteed.
I agree, to just see working out as a way to be fit is missing so many other positive reasons to get fit! My personal favorite....beat stress! Nothing does it like exercise!
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