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Top 5 Ways to Choose Your Trainer

Posted by C.L. R.

1. Check their credentials. Find out when and where your trainer decided he/she had the right to call him/herself a trainer. It's one thing to pay a fortune for someone who's worked with the NFL, another to shell out to Billy cause he's got great arms. 2. Only do what you can afford. Look, most celebrities are paying a fortune for trainers. But newsflash - this expense should be tax deductible for their business of "looking good." There's no need to break the bank just cause Jessica (fill in one of several last names) does it. 3. Shop around. Don't settle on the first trainer you work out with. Many gyms assign you a trainer when you join. This does not make you obligated to work with that trainer. Go on a couple dates before settling on your main squeeze. 4. Choose a trainer that listens. The hard thing about going to a professional (surgeon, IT guy, etc) is that they know their business and you (well) don't. However, you still have the right to speak up. Be clear about what fitness goals you want to achieve and if the trainer insists on different goals, find a different trainer. 5. Avoid sexual attraction like the plague. Although it may motivate you to show up, you're not going to get your money's worth if you're worried about getting too sweaty (outside of the bedroom) with said trainer.
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In addiiton to the tips listed above, remember, it's ok to be choosy when selecting a trainer. Most trainers will allow a "FREE" consultation to new clients. This consultation gives you, the client, the opportunity to see if your 'personalities' will "click". You can have the most highly credentialed, sought after trainer, but if their personality doesn't 'click' with yours, you'll be wasting your money.
let that trainer convince you that you wasted his/her time if you take a session and don't end up signing up with him/her. That is the risk the trainer assigns when making a FREE offer. On the other hand, if you don't want to feel indebted to the trainer, pay for a session from different trainers until you do indeed get the one that's a right fit.
Don't judge a trainer based on how they look. Some of the best trainers look like a bag of smashed assholes whilst some of the worst ones look fantastic.
If you go to a gym, like 24 hour fitness or Crunch, DO NOT take the first trainer they bring over to you. Interview a few, to find the right fit.
When I got my trainer, the gym tried to push this other guy on me. I didn't go with him, but I've observed his technique - he does the same thing for everyone, and doesn't cater individual programs - he does the whole weight lifter thing regardless if you're man, woman, thin, fat. Just a word of warning.
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