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Top 5 Full-Body Workouts

Posted by Nikki F.

Great ways to work out multiple muscle groups at the same time!

1) Rowing

2) Swimming

3) Running (stand up straight to keep core engaged)

4) Cardio Tae Bo

5) Eliptical (use the arm bars)

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I'm surprised that yoga doesn't beat swimming. Cause with swimming, doesn't one muscle group bear the brunt cause the water's taking on the rest of your body? Way true though about the rowing, running, cardio tae bo and elip...
In response to C.L.R.: From my personal observation, when I swim I am definitely using a bunch of different muscle groups. I am using my arms, shoulders, back, legs, and abs. (You might not immediately see how abs apply, but when you are really getting into a stroke you are often reaching forward and it's hitting those lateral abs on the side.) Now, whether or not yoga hits all the muscles depends on which yoga poses you do in a session. You could spend an entire yoga session working on hip openers and never really touching your leg or shoulder muscles.
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