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Top #30 Greatest Ways 2 Lose Belly Fat ~ #22 "Posture"

Posted Jun 26 2012 8:42am
Top #30 Greatest Ways To Lose Belly Fat...

#22 Posture This tip will not directly help you lose belly fat, but it will go a long way in making belly smaller.  Slouching will make your belly bigger or give you a belly, even if you have little belly fat. So yes, your mom telling you as a child to sit-up and don't slouch wasn't just for kicks, it really was to your benefit to learn not to slouch and straighten up your posture. Good posture is slimming as it pulls you in. Your ears should be aligned with your shoulders over your hips, your hips over your knees, and your knees over you ankles. Your shoulders should be open and your belly button pulled in to your spine. 
A properly healthy aligned posture provides benefits.. Improves your appearance. Reduced the occurrence of tension headaches. Decrease back pain and shoulder discomfort. Reduces the risk of spinal injures. Will make you appear taller and thinner. You will look confident. Factors that contribute to poor posture.. Obesity, pregnancy, high heel shoes, tight or weak muscles, poor sitting and standing habits. Ectomorphs tend to be lightly muscled/ weak and more prone to poor posture. In order to have good posture you need to be consciously aware of how you're holding your body and support your body to maintain this posture with core work, strength-training exercises and stretching. All of these #30 ways contribute to your body as whole and help toward losing belly fat. Strengthening your abdominal muscles, your core and your posture will be a commitment for you as you're working towards ridding your body of the dreaded belly fat and over all body fat. 

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