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Top #26 Best Ways 2 Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly~ #21 "Walk After Eating"

Posted Jul 29 2012 7:36pm
Top #26 Best Ways To Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly...

#21 Walk After Eating Walking may be the last thing you feel like doing after a good meal, but a brief 5 minuet walk will help release any air trapped in your digestive track. If you're eating 5-6 small meals a day, a post walk is less necessary, but certainly won't hurt if you have the time and the other plus is you'll burn extra calories at the end of the day and before you settle in for the night. 
A casual walk after a meal isn't harmful, but whether you should do a walking fitness routine after eating is a bit more complex. In general, nutrition before a workout is essential for several reasons, including providing much-needed energy. However, you should just stick to a nice easy 5-20 minuet walk after dinner, not a full workout walk or jog as there's a good chance you'll get stomach cramps and have discomfort if you try to do more than a causal, easy walk. The main object is to do a nice, slow walk after your meal just release any trapped air in your digestive track after you eat and stop and prevent any bloating, it's not to do a full strenuous workout trying to burn off your meal. You'll still burn calories, but more important it will keep you from bloating up and the light exercise, fresh clean air will make you feel good and you'll feel nice and light before you settle in for the night.

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