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Top #26 Best Ways 2 Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly #12 "Less Alcohol Please"

Posted Jul 20 2012 8:23am
Top #26 Best Ways To Beat Bloat~Banish Your Belly...
#12 Less Alcohol Please
Yes, it's true consuming alcoholic drinks can make bloating worse. First of all alcohol is dehydrating and constipating, which exacerbates bloating. Secondly, many alcoholic drinks are carbonated (beer, cider, fizzy mixers, and champagne of course), which will puff you up like a round balloon. So, stay off the carbonated alcohol and always remember to rehydrate before you head for bed after you've had a night of drinking. Alcohol can irritate and erode the stomach lining, which can create bloating because the stomach is more vulnerable to digestive juices. The stomach's protective layer becomes weakened and so it is not so easy to digest foods. The digestive juices damage and inflame the stomach lining. Excessive alcohol can lead to gastritis, which produces bloating and other symptoms. Too much alcohol can make you feel hungry and eat more while eventually making you overweight and bloated. But it is not just they way you feel, it is what you are doing to your body if you continue to drink excessively. Stick to moderate drinking to give your body time to go through its fat-burning activities and keep you in healthy shape
Burning Fat It is the way alcohol deals with fat that can add pounds and bloat you up. Instead of storing away fat like some substances, alcohol is converted into acetate by the liver to slow or eliminate the body's fat burning processes. When the acetate levels rise, the body is forced to spend more time burning more acetate and less fat. So the fat left over sticks around.

Adding Fat.. Drinking too much alcohol stops the body from burning fat as energy just as skipping meals or not getting enough rest does. It is bad enough that alcohol is converted into acetate, which affects the body's fat burning abilities, but the body also makes another substance called acetyl CoA, which causes the body to make even more body fat, according to The body can only process a certain amount of alcohol per hour, about an ounce or less. It makes the liver work harder at all its functions, but it can only do so many during a short time. That's why excessive drinking can slow down the body's burning of fat and even be responsible for creating more fat. Additionally, you are not getting any vitamins, minerals or other nutrients, because alcohol has empty calories. Moderation if you're going to drink is the best way. Everyone loves to celebrate or relax and have a few beers, or glass of wine during the week and that is not a problem, it's when drinking on a regular basis and consuming too much alcohol in your system is when it's a problem. If you're wanting to banish your belly fat or rid your tummy of bloat cutting back on all alcoholic beverages or stopping completely is the best choice. Once you get to your goal, then you can maybe designate one day a week and special occasions to pop the cork and have some bubbly or a few beers and relax! Just don't relax to much when you reach your goal and make drinking alcohol a habit again... Do the work and sacrifice a little or a lot before you indulge.  

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