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Toning for Easily-Bulked body?

Posted by Emyvel T.

I was wondering what you guys would do if you want to be more toned or have a leaner figure but not build muscle? I used to run competitively, and instead of slimming down and getting toned like my teammates, I became a noticeably more muscular and resembled a Hulk-Hogan mini-me with my height (okay, I'm exaggerating, hehe). It seems like dancing kind of does the trick... but are there any other ideas?
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Keep doing what works for you. If dancing helps keep you trim, then definitely keep it up. I would think that if you're building more muscle running that's very noticeable to you, you probably don't have that much weight to lose. Perhaps take it easier on the running for a bit, and see how your body looks. In the meantime, hit the dance floor.
Try Pilates and Yoga. Pilates and Yoga are great for creating a long and lean look. A lot of shorter people just naturally bulk up easier. When you're stretching the muscles at the same time you're flexing them (doesn't sound logical, but it works!) it cuts down on the bulk factor. Think about crunches, we're always told to suck that gut in while we're cruching so it doesn't make a little lump!
Yoga for toning. If I do regular yoga, my legs are immediately toned and look different. I have never found anything that makes such a difference. However, you might end up once again looking muscular. You just have to find out what works best for you!
Target heart rate. Talk to a personal trainer because they can help you figure out what your target heart rate is depending on your goals.

hey i'm actually a bodybuilder, and i would really not recomend listening to any of these people.

there is really no such thing as "toning", there is only muscle and fat. How toned you are really just depends on how much muscle you have and how much fat you have.  If you have a moderate amount of muscle and very very little fat you will get that toned look. For comparison, the body builder look is alot of muscle and very little fat, while the heavy weight lifter/football player look is alot of fat and alot of muscle. Dont you ever wonder why some guys have big muscles and an awesome six pack, while some guys have big muscles and a beer gut? Even though they both have abs, the toned guy has lost the fat over his muscles so they are visible. Essentially, if you cant see the definition in your muscles, you probably have too much fat.

now it seems that your an easy gainer, meaing you gain muscle very fast, and it seems that your running was making you gain muscle too fast while making you lose fat too slow. What i would recomend would be to diet very, very stringently, and this doesnt mean starve yourself, just eat right, and only do cardio exercises that make it hard to build muscle. for this i would probably just recomend the elliptical on the easiest setting. And do the cardio (make sure your in your target heart rate) for a loooong time. Over an hour at the very least. Sometimes when you overtrain, it actually causes you to lose muscle, which is what you want So you will essentially lose a little muscle, and ALOT of fat, which is exactly what you want to reach your goal. Good luck! :)

 oh and about yoga: its great for keeping your muscles flexible and stregnthing them slightly, but it wont cause you to loose fat.

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