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Tone Up Tuesday: Moves to Help You Improve! Help Avoid a painful Patella

Posted May 08 2012 3:30pm

Continuation from last-weeks post.  

Petellofemoral pain is one  of the most common types of knee pain. Usually characterized by pain beneath the kneecap (patella) that gets worse after working out. A lot of runners have weak or tight muscles which can usually be the cause. With more people getting out and running we’ll be posting more exercises that we recommend to target those tight and weak areas to help stabilize your knee.   


  Side Lunge

 Muscles Worked

Muscles Worked Side Lunge

Side Lunge StartSide Lunge Finish


1. Stand with feet straight and shoulder-width apart.

1. Lunge sideways; stabilize - lunge foot straight, knee bent and directly over second and third toes; opposite leg straight with foot flat on ground.
2. Push off bent leg to return to start position

The Grid Foam Roller

Trigger Point Perf…

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