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Today's Workout !

Posted Nov 05 2011 4:12am
Rock Your Body Today!
Today's workout!
4.5 mile run today ~ I was sore and it was sunny out, yet I had the most amazing, strong run today. I started by running .25 mile steep hill up to my first street and then did a zigzag down. I did the same run yesterday, but I climbed up hill and zigzag the streets between. I run through five streets that I have marked and do a zigzag to make a half mile,then go to the next street. Today I was going down hill between half miles zigzags. When I take this route I start my run by running up hill and end it running up another steep hill. I have three different routes when I run and they are all killer routes.
My poor dogs just had it and I had to practically pull them the last few miles. I think the up hill run the day prior just did them in. It is pretty funny when you are running with two dogs and they are behind you and you have pull them by their leashes. They are in good condition too, but sometimes two hard run days in a row is just too much! Sometimes for me too =0
60 up-hill lung walks
15 min 4-lb hula hoop ~

Pic below is one of my favorite hills to climb at the end of my run. This hill is called barf hill  Today it certainly lived up to the name I gave it years ago. Yes, today I had to barf at the top after I ran up it. This is a good sign though. It means I was busting my okole, putting everything I had in to climbing that hill!
Barf Hill Road  =)

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