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Today is the Day!

Posted Dec 01 2008 10:02am
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Hi Everyone:

Today is the day to get started! Why wait till January 1st to change your habits? We've got a perfect, Monday, December 1st to get a full month's head-start on your fat burning goals.

If you are a beginner and don't know where to start, simply make onesmall baby-step change to your nutrition. Add one serving of fruitand one serving of vegetables, and cut back on the sugar, bread,and junk food in your diet.Then try to get a little bit more exercise today than yesterday. If that means 5 minutes, then that is good! That's fine. It is better than what you did yesterday. If you are more advanced but have started to slack off because of the holidays, turn that mindset around and use the holidays as a reason to "tighten things up". Plan out your holiday treat meals in advance, and focus on stickingto your fat burning meal plan at all other times. Do your job and earn your rewards. You'll feel much more satisfied this way than throwing all caution to the wind for the next 4 weeks.

So everyone, everywhere, let's all proclaim December 1st to be the REAL New Year's Day, and make all of our healthy habit changes NOW, not later.Let's get pumped up to lose weight over the holidays. Let's do the impossible and show the world that not everyone has to gain five or ten pounds every December.Get a head start on your 2009 fat burning plans today.Start creating one new healthy habit every day in December. There is NO reason to wait!

PJ Striet
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