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Today is national Scrapbooking d...

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:23pm

Today is national Scrapbooking day and my wife is out on a 12 hour marathon scrapbooking session, my wife is a big scrapbooker . Having two kids to myself today will keep me busy although it is not really fitness related.

This morning started with my daughter going to gymnastics for her last time this Spring. We are home now and this afternoon we are going to go to the zoo, play, and have a picnic. Before leaving home of course we are going to have lunch and then a picnic at the zoo before having a BBQ at home tonight. Just as I posted earlier this week, I find it important to have picnics when we go anywhere as the added food with us means less purchased at the zoo.

Kids love picnics but of course left to their own devices we would be having pop and rice krispie squares for a picnic. Usually my son will pack me a coke and an apple and then I will through in some cutup veggies (celery, carrots and peppers) and some more fruit.

At a picnic I have no food. I have found over the last year or so that the castoffs from the kids are good. I expect to finish a couple of apples and a bunch of vegetables.

The kids will have the rice krispie squares, I don’t like them.

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