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Tips to ensure Success all year round

Posted Dec 12 2010 4:40pm

As the year starts drawing to a close. I feel it’s only right to reflect. Let’s reflect together? Ok, lets……

So how was your year? Exciting? Boring? Challenging? Tiring? Action Packed? Awesome? Hopefully it was a mixed bag. Mine was a scary rollercoaster at times but for the most part it was fast paced, in your face action and awesomeness all rolled into one very exhausting year! It important we assess our year (you know how I feel about assessing..LOVE IT!) Only then can you improve on the coming year. You may find you have to pull back on a few things, say NO to more people or the complete opposite; saying YES!

When you have a spare 10mins, get a note pad out and try these easy ways to get the most out of your year.
- Roughly Plan out your calendar (monthly works well for me). I jot down all the things I want to achieve in January, February, March, and so on. Little points may be: Start trying a new form of exercise or I want to talk to my boss about a pay rise. Whatever is relevant to your world, jot it down. Also walk away from your list, let it simmer, and then add more.
- Choose a time frame whereby you will re-assess what you wrote down. I like to do this quarterly. You want to select a time-frame that is shorter rather than long just in case you fall off the wagon you’ll be able to quickly pick yourself up, correct it, all without losing too much time.

- Set deadlines for the goals and also reward yourself when you achieved the goals. There’s no such thing as a free lunch! Rewarding yourself only encourages you to keep achieving. If you are on a weight loss goal, I strongly recommend NOT giving your food rewards. Instead try manicures, clothing, massages or any other no food reward.
- Treat these goals with the utmost of importance. After all it is your life. Surely that is a MASSIVELY HIGH priority, right? Stay Positive and really try to achieve each and every one of them. Imagine how you will feel at the end when all your goals are crossed off and achieved? Um, AWESOME!!!

So there you have it! It works for me and I’ve been told I’m awesome enough so hopefully it will give you the little boost you need for 2011.

How was your year? What are your 3 top goals for the coming year? Share them with the world…please
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