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Tips for Understanding Anxiety Symptoms

Posted Sep 19 2011 2:03am

Anxiety attack is a serious medical condition that affects the lives of millions of Americans. The condition is characterized by an extreme onset of fear, anxiety and/or panic that usually lasts for several minutes. It can occur randomly or can be triggered by specific situations. In any case, identifying the symptoms of the condition is the first step towards a solution. Listed below are the common symptoms associated with anxiety attacks.

1. Difficulty maintaining focus. Anxiety attacks cause so much stress that it often makes it difficult for the suspect to concentrate. As a result, most sufferers are confused and cannot speak normally since they cannot organize their thoughts.

2. Chest tightness. Sufferers may experience shortness of breathe because of the condition. The lack of oxygen may then cause pain and tightness in the chest.

3. Agitated and overexcited. Those who always rush and are always hyper maybe suffering from anxiety disorder. They often feel that they cannot rest and so they keep on moving or working.

4. Numbness in the extremities. As mentioned earlier, sufferers may experience a shortness of breath during a panic attack. This may result into numbness of the hands and feet due to a lack of oxygen.

5. Heart palpitations or a racing heart. People who are about to have an attack often feel like their “heart is about to beat out of their chest.” Increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure are common anxiety symptoms.

6. Food cravings. Sufferers of anxiety attacks may turn to food to alleviate their negative feelings. They often take-in foods rich in fats, carbohydrates, and sugar since these types of foods provide a temporary energy boost and relief to their ill feelings. However, the relief does not last long and it may even leave the sufferer worst off.

7. Fatigue and exhaustion. sufferers may feel constant fatigue since the condition causes a lot of stress to their minds and body. In addition, they usually cannot recover from the stress since they cannot get quality rest and sleep.

Each anxiety attack suffer may experience a different set and intensity of symptoms. But in all cases, it is extremely helpful to understand the condition by first identifying the symptoms one experiences.

Even though anxiety can cause many physical, emotional and social problems, most anxiety problems can be corrected with lifestyle changes, dietary supplements or medical intervention. Millions of people suffer from that can occur when in public or just traveling away from home. Now there is a non-pharmaceutical anxiety treatment that can help you to overcome the unsettling thoughts that may lead to .

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