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Tight Ass Tuesday

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:08pm

Since I've decided that Tuesday is my official "Tight Ass" day, I've taken this one day to really push my leg/glute workout. Every Tuesday it's my goal to push myself and assure that I've done what I can to defy gravity and look good in those skin tight jeans! I also know that varying my workouts helps my stregthen those muscles, so I am trying to incorporate something fresh into my leg/glute routine on Tuesdays.

Every Tuesday starts with cardio that is heavily focused on my legs, today I started with my stair climber. I love using the stair climber because I can feel it pushing my legs and lifting my rear. I also find that it's a great way to get my heart beating quickly. Since I love to read I've been known to put a book on the stand attached to my stair climber and read away the hour that I climb. It's a fun way to put in your hour of cardio and stregthen your legs.

After the hour on the stair master I focus on the strengthening of my legs/glutes. I start "on the ball" with three sets of "butt lifts." (Seen here on I can feel those target areas burning towards the end of the workout so I know it's working.

Today I followed with the hip extension also seen here on Keeping the ball from rolling out from underneath you is half the battle. While you work to stabilize you are toning those muscles.

I followed the hip extensions with the "On a role" workout from Women's Health Magazine found here. These exercises i ncorportate a foam roller to help you work your calves, thighs and abs. Using the role is actually fun. Instead of incorporating free weights it allows me to do something different for my muscles.

Finally I headed back to my fitness ball for three sets of Back Extension Rear Leg Raises, (Seen here on Women's Health) and the sitting pretty workout which adds in three sets of squat kicks, grasshopper beats, lateral bounds and a lying glute release. (The lying glute release is better then just about anything at this point)

I ended my gym workout today with a wonderfully fun begineers yoga class. I've been taken yoga for years, but I love taking the begineers class as a way to focus on my form and intensity. It also helps with the stretching needed after an intense workout.

We love our legs and want to keep them healthy for a long time! If you are going to start exercising it's a good idea to see a doctor and workout with a trainer to make sure you are using proper form.

Today I celebrated Tight Ass Tuesday with this awesomely packed workout that left me with that great feeling that I'd done something wonderful for my body!
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