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Tight Ass Tuesday - The Gym Reopens

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:08pm
Tight Ass Tuesday Today the local gym reopened. After Ike it's been slow going down here in Galveston County, so the reopening of my gym can be seen as a HUGE event in the restarting of our lives.

First, the gym is a great hangout for young people who want to play basketball or swim, without the fuss of sunscreen and mosquitoes, but for me reopening of the gym gives me the opportunity to work out with equipment I don't have at my house. I also got to catch up with all of my gym friends that I had not seen since before the storm.

I started today with a 20 minute warm-up on an elliptical machine, alternating directions every five minutes. Normally I'll pop into a gym and have a pre-planned workout set in my mind, but today, not knowing what machinery would be available, I came in without a plan.

I keep a card catalog of my favorite workouts in my IPOD (Fondly named Gred in honor of Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter novels) so I pulled up one of my favorite butt workouts from Womens Health Magazine (WH) online. One of the things I love about WH is the free video downloads for IPOD.

This workout consists of (link to the PDF version if you are on dial-up and can't download the video here )
  • Elvis Plie'
  • Front Lunge Push-Off
  • Lunge Reach Combo
  • Sumo Squat and Leg Raise
  • Curtsey Squat and Lift
  • Raised Lunge with Balance
  • Hip Bridge and Heel Drag
Most of my friends who do this workout don't use weights or the bench.

The best thing about these videos is you can see someone else doing the exercise to help assure you do it correctly. Of course, nothing can substitute for a great trainer. If you've not worked out before, you should check with your doctor and start with a trainer.

After my workout I was hoping to take a short Yoga class, but unfortunately no classes were offered today. Instead I stretched with a few friends and caught up on our post-storm stories.

I forgot how much I love gym workouts. It was really great to get back into my normal "Tight Ass Tuesday" routine.

What did you guys do today for your workouts?
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