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Throat Infection :-(

Posted Jun 17 2010 1:34am
Well I'd meant to get this post up on Sunday but I got struck down with a nasty throat infection. I rather stupidly decided to go on my Sunday run despite feeling awful. I only got worse and had to leave work halfway through the day on Monday and have been laid up in bed ever since. Hmph! I'm going back to work today so I'm feeling much better, just didn't have the brain power to write anything before!

Rewind back to Sunday, got up feeling rubbish.. Mike says leave the run, stubborn Laura says no I'm going I'm not that bad and I want to test out my coconut water! Off I trot, I set out far too fast, burn out quickly, spend the middle two miles catching my breath from the first, panic that my pace is slow and it feels so laboured, can't breath, how on earth am I going to run this half marathon, it's impossible!! - I now realise that was probably due to being ill.. The past few days going up the stairs has been making be feel a bit breathless.. how crazy does that sound! I think it might possibly have been my last run before the half eeeeeek it's on the 27th, I'm not sure how much to taper? Do I do another run? Do I call it a day? I'd like another run to test out my fab arm pocket which I won on Robin's blog ! I'll post some pictures of that as soon as I get out in it, it's really cool! I guess it depends partly on how long it takes to get over this throat infection. I was still in bed all day yesterday but I'm on the mend today! Here's my stats anyway;

4 miles in 34:56 average pace 8.45 (It felt a lot slower than this, got a real surprise when it said that!)
Mile 1 - 8.05
Mile 2 - 9.04
Mile 3 - 9.10
Mile 4 - 8.40

After I got home and showered we popped to the shops and I bought some halloumi! I'd seen it on Laura's blog before and after some advice from a helpful commenter, LME , I decided I must get in on the action! Fried halloumi with spicy pasta and salad, yum! I'll be making it again for definate.

Right, reluctantly I must go get ready for work, hope everyone is having a good day!
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