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Thoughts On Motivation

Posted Oct 19 2008 8:18pm

I recieved this email from someone who I respect very much when it comes to health and fitness! I couldn’t have written it better I didn’t, but thought I would share it with you. I hope has as much of an impact on you as it did on me.

Good Morning Friends,

I was talking with a friend of mine about finding our motivation to workout and eat right when we have taken a break from our fitness journey. How do we lose that motivation and how the heck do we get it back? Every spring we begin to plan our diet to make sure we can fit in the summer clothing we are soon to be taking out of our closets. We pinch and poke all the new fat stores we let settle in on us while the winter months let us cover ourselves with wool sweaters and long johns. (Hey I live in New Hampshire, it gets cold..we wear long johns) We start to regret the extra helpings of the comfort foods that warm our souls and bellies during the off season. Wouldn’t it be great if we did not have to fear the summer by setting up safeguards NOW before the comfort foods and snow storms become the norm.

Have you gained back some of the weight you have previously worked hard on losing? Have some how lost that motivation to stay the course to a healthier you? Lots of people do. This is a life long commitment in a society that does not embrace or allow a healthy lifestyle. You can’t go to a drive-thru and order carrot sticks and a protein enriched salad. You won’t find your local fast food offering sweet potato fries or an avocado side dish. You have to make extra time to plan and prepare in this fast paced world and it is easy to back slide. But everyday is a new day and an opportunity to begin anew.

Sometimes you just have to hunker down and plow through the right steps in order to find that motivation you have lost. You may WANT to be motivated right now but you just are not. You may be thinking ”Man, I was so excited when I began and i made good strides as well. Why is it so hard to focus like that right now?!?!” I think everyone at some point or another has been in that exact mind set. Some people end up totally giving up and return completely to old life habits and food addictions and others continue to struggle and once again are able to refocus and plug back in. Which one will you be?

Because no matter what you do, how much weight you lose or gain and how many gym trips you skip or do, it was ALWAYS a choice. You can choose to let it all go and return to the unhealthy state you were in or you can just put your effort in to go through the right steps and start your journey again. It is ok to take time and wonder what it is you want for a goal or for a focus but while you are looking for a goal just start with the right steps. Dedicate time to being more active, just 2 times a week to start with. Stop eating the foods you know will do nothing to feed your body the way your body needs to be fed. Pick whole foods over quick processed foods. An apple is just as convenient as a donut.  A handful of raw almonds is just as filling  as french fries. Don’t allow yourself to think you do not have time or opportunity to eat the right foods. So take some steps to make sure your food choices are clean whole foods and you make sure to move your body at least 2 times a week. Who CARES what your long term goal weight is at this time, do not waste time trying to figure it out while you slide further and further back from your initial weight loss success!

So, remember, we all have been there at some point or another. The key to getting back on track is just doing it and stop waiting for the motivation fairy to visit you. Pick healthy whole foods over processed foods and make an effort to move your body at least 2 times this week.

Soon you will feel healthier and your body will be grateful for the exercise and healthy nutrients and you WILL BE MOTIVATED to go further!

Come join the forum and let us know where your motivation is. Do you need a reminder of the right steps? Need to share how fantastic things have been and motivate some others? We are eager to hear from you!
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Maureen Jeanson

Maureen Jeanson is a freelance author with articles published online as well as in fitness magazines. She holds certifications in fitness from ACSM, ISSA and the US Navy. Maureen Jeanson is also co-author to Squeaky Gourmet; a guide to healthy eating for all fitness levels. To find out more, please visit

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